Marketing Essentials Kit


Marketing Essentials Kit


Custom, Automated
Digital Campaigns

You work hard building your business -
make sure you can reap the rewards you deserve.

Whether your goal is launching a new product, boosting sales, or growing awareness of your brand; properly built and deployed digital marketing assets can be the decisive factor that determines whether your efforts are a success or a bust.  

Our Essentials Kit equips any business with a complete set of fully customized and automated digital marketing assets.  Get bespoke video, text, and graphic content for your brand, strategically implemented into fully tracked and result-optimized touch-points.  Whether it's through social media, email, display, or search networks, we'll build your campaign on the most effective channels to achieve your marketing goals.

Here's how it works:

1. Tell us your specific marketing objective (sales, sign-ups, likes, follows, etc), and we'll build a set of corresponding digital campaigns to funnel traffic and convert leads accordingly.

2. Receive your custom built digital marketing assets with instructions on how to operate them, including recommended ad spending budgets.

The Essentials Kit is a readymade solution for turning tough marketing goals into effective digital assets you can deploy at the push of a button.  Get it, launch it, and watch your business grow!

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